30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 13

Favourite TV shows

Oh, this is a good question! I go through stages where sometimes I’ll watch tv all the time and I have loads of things stored on the planner, and sometimes there will be absolutely nothing and I end up watching Friends re-runs all day (not that there’s anything wrong with Friends, I could definitely watch it every day!)  So my current favourite tv shows are:

Game of Thrones

Standard favourite tv show of our generation I think?!  Although I have to admit, I was a bit late to the GoT party.  We recorded all the previous serious of Game of Thrones last year, I think it was on over Christmas time.  My husband and I literally spent every evening for weeks watching GoT back to back to get through all the series.  We loved it, totally not the type of thing I thought I’d enjoy as it is very gory, but the storylines are fascinating and really get you gripped.  The first episode of the new series was on last night and my goodness…it just gets better and better…

Jon Snow...just one of the reasons to watch GoT

Jon Snow…just one of the reasons to watch GoT

Sons of Anarchy

This is a new fav show – we’ve watched 5 episodes so far and I love it!  Again, not a show I would necessarily watch, but it was recommended by so many people, we had to give it a go and now I’m hooked!


One Tree Hill

This is a teenage/young adult love of mine.  I was literally obsessed with it when it first came out, I have them all on dvd and have watched every episodes about 20 times!! Chad Michael Murray will forever hold a place in my heart.

CMM...he does make my heart flutter

CMM…he does make my heart flutter


This is the only soap we watch – we record the omnibus on a Sunday morning and watch it Sunday evening after dinner. The drama is great, some of the characters are a bit annoying but the big storylines they do are often great to watch. Freddie Roscoe is definitely a favourite of mine…


Some other of my favourites are:

  • One Born Every Minute
  • Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant
  • Call the Midwife  (a recent edition)
  • Any baby/pregnancy related programme, especially celebrity ones
  • Agent Carter (nothing to do with the fact Chad Michael Murrah is involved…)
  • Agents of Shield

So there we have it, some of my favourite tv shows!

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