30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 10

Your top 5 pet peeves

I thought this would be an easy one, but turns out there isn’t that much that annoys me – I definitely have become more chilled since being a mum, I literally just don’t give a shit anymore!  But, here are 5 things that do still bug me…a lot!

1. Wet towels on the bed

I have my husband to thank for this one.  We have rails over the radiators in our bedroom to hang the wet towels on, yet they somehow still end up dumped on the bed.  Most of the time on top of me when I’m still in it!!! Then he moans that his towel is wet, or his side of the bed is damp.  Doesn’t matter how many time I have to scream at politely ask him to hang his towel up, the next morning there it is again – a wet towel on my bed!  We’ve been together 10 years this year, and he still doesn’t hang it up, so I’m losing all hope that he ever will.


2. Slow walkers

Every day, I always seem to get stuck behind a slow walker.  It happened all the time when I was at work. I’d get off the train and be rushing to get to work as the train was late AGAIN and I’d get stuck behind someone playing bloody Candy Crush on their phone, or a tourist who desperately needed to take a selfie of them standing on platform 10 at London Liverpool Street.  Now when I’m out with Alfie in the buggy, it’s even bloody worse!  Someone will be walking at a snail pace in front of you, but because you have the buggy, you can’t scoot round them! And it’s even worse when it’s a line of slow walkers!!! On those days I curse that I didn’t put him in the Connecta as it’s so much easier.  Oh – and what’s with those people that just stop dead in front of you for seemingly no reason?!  Don’t complain when I ram you in the back with the buggy because you gave no warning that you’re about to just stop!

3. People who treat the supermarket shop like a social club

Whilst we’re on the subject of people who walk slow or just stop dead in front of you – I’d group them in the same annoying category of people who think the weekly supermarket shop is a social club and a chance to catch up with Fred and Doris who you haven’t seen since last weeks supermarket shop.

There you are, cheerfully going about your weekly shop, baby is happily strapped to you in the Connecta, babbling away, and you’re cherishing the lovely time you’re having in the supermarket together (this is everyone’s experience of the weekly shop, right?!) when BAM! You want to get to the massive bar of Galaxy chocolate organic wholesome rice cakes, but there’s two friends who haven’t seen each other in DECADES having a good old catch up!  One trolley is parked in the middle of the aisle, and one is in front of the item you need – both parties are completely oblivious to the fact they are in your way.  You start to passively aggressively talk to your baby about how annoying it is when people stop for a chat in the middle of the aisle when you’re really busy and need to get home to eat your chocolate do your housework.

Seriously, arrange to meet up for a coffee or something, but DON’T get in my way when I’m trying to do my weekly shop!

4. Fuss free recipes 

You know the score – you’re fed up of the usual boring dinners you have day in day out, and fancy treating the hubby to something a bit different.  But you’re a bit short on time and want something quick and easy.  So you google: “Quick and easy dinner recipes”. Alas, you get 20,000 hits! Amazing, you’ll be able to find something you both like that is easy to make and requires minimum amount of fuss. Or maybe not! Unfortunately you’re not able to obtain unicorn dust from your local Asda to make that amazing dessert (and you can’t leave it out, it just wouldn’t taste as good!). So you turn to your cookbooks for some inspiration and come across Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals! Fantastic! A tasty but quick recipe for you to rustle up. Oh but wait. None of the meals actually take 15 minutes if you are a normal person and not a fancy chef. It takes me 15 minutes to chop the veg without cutting my fingers off! It seems there is no such thing as quick, easy and fancy! Just order a takeaway next time like a normal person.

5. Bed hoggers

It seems I have married a bed hogger.  I have been with my husband for almost 10 years now, and he still hasn’t learnt how to share a bed. We start off fine, having a little cuddle, both of us having equal space, but once he’s asleep and in the land of nod, he spreads out like he’s in a king size bed on his own!  This often means that I am squished to the edge of the bed, about to fall out most of the time.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t agree at all that he is a bed hogger – even when I pull back the covers and show him the slither of bed he’s allowed me to have!!

Even when I was pregnant, and sporting a HUGE bump, I still woke up every morning feeling cramped and crumbled because of lack of space whilst sleeping.  The one thing that REALLY annoys me now is doing the night feeds.  As I’m breastfeeding, I do all the night feeds, and Alfie is in his own bedroom, which means physically having to get out of our bed to go and feed him, which is all fine, I don’t mind it at all.  What I do mind is coming back to bed, when I’m tired and just want to fall asleep, is my husband has migrated over to my side of the bed, and I have about an inch of bed to get back into.  And THEN, when I push him back over, I got told off for waking him up!!!  And in the morning he tells me how tired he is because I kept waking him up in the night!  Ooo that really riles me up.  It’s a good thing we don’t have a spare bed, because I could see us ending up in separate beds for the rest of our lives at this rate!

Except he's the one that hogs the bed!

Except he’s the one that hogs the bed!

Sorry, I got a bit ranty then 🙂 Come back tomorrow for Day 11 of the challenge!



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